made my day 

Soulmates au where everyone”s soulmates name is tatooed on their wrist

I walk fast down the hallway at school, wanting to escape the verbal abuse that is yelled my way.
I clutch a stack of books to my chest, looking at the tile floor and my small feet gliding over the material.
I speed from class to class until it is last period and walk to my locker releaved that the day is almost over.
It’s funny that the most popular boy in school and me, the nerd of the school are soulmates.
Niall Horan is the star Football athelete who thinks he found his soulmate.
Hazel martin.
The girl who I know writes over her own soulmate’s name with Niall’s name.
Niall’s wrist says Hazel in beautiful cursive across the skin, like a bracelet.
I hide Niall’s name with either my sleeve of whatever is the most convienient at the time.

I know that Niall is my soulmate because he is the only person with his name that i’ve ever met or heard of. I watch Niall and Hazel lean against his locker door and kiss and smile and act like they are soulmates. I feel so bad to have Niall’s name written on my body when I look at how happy they are.
after school I go to the library, wanting to burry my thoughts into a good book.

The sad thing is that Niall is not your stereotypical mean jock.
He is so nice and really smart but is being fooled by someone who he thinks is his soulmate.
Niall doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. He should know that it’s me,
Hazel, named after her eye color, and two years younger than him.

Most of the people in our school have found their’s and I, part of the very small percentage who is not matched has to hide the name i’m was born with on my wrist because i’m scared of what will happen if he finds out.

I push my thoughts to the side and stand up gathering my stack of books.
on my way out of the doors of the library, two boys trip me and i fall to my hands on the floor, gasping for air.

The boys laugh and keep pushing me down as i just let it happen.
my jacket falls off in the process reveling a tshirt.
A strong voice yells “hey stop pushing her and get out of here!”
the voice jas an Irish accent.

I’m on my hands and knees looking up to see the guy who just saved me.
Niall locks eyes with me. I can see his expression is very worried.
He bends down and gently grasps my hands to help me up.
Niall stands up with both my hands in his and asks, “Hazel, are you okay?”
I am shoked, how does he know my name?

“u-uh h-gow do you know my name?”
“you have the same name as my soulmate, of course i would know”

i bite my lip when he says that.
Niall is still holding my hands.
I blush and look down at our hands, Niall does too and before i release his hands, he gasps.

I run out of the school leaving Niall left in shock because he saw his name written on my wrist.

Niall’s pov

Wholey SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name was written on her arm.

But how?
How is my name written on both Hazel’s arms?!

I am just standing here in the entrance of the library with my mouth open.

Later, i drive Hazel(1) home and pull into my houses garage.
I open the front door to reveal my parents, sitting next to eachother, reading a book. I admire how my Mother is snuggled against my Father, glancing at him with pure love in her eyes.

I feel jealous now, wishing that i hadn’t seen the other Hazel’s wrist.
I walk up behind my parents and clear my throat.
Mother turns around, “hey sweetie, what yah need?”
I Before i can think, the words spill from my lips, “You know my soulmate, Hazel Martin?”, they nodd in unision as i feel a pang in my chest at how perfect they are together.

"Well today i bumped into the other Hazel at my school, and accedentally saw her wrist. It said my name."

Mother and Father’s eyes both widen and they look at eachother toattly stunned.


Hazel’s p.o.v.

I’m freaking out, why did my jacket have to fall off?!
I run up to my room, and scream into my pillow in frustration.
Mom and Dad are at work so i’m by myself for the next four hours.

I can’t calm down, my mind is racing so fast my head starts to throb.
I decide to call Mom, seeing this situation as an emergency.

Of course my parents know Niall is my Soulmate, i was born with it on my wrist.
No matter what happens, my oarents have informed me that Soulmates are going to end up together.

My call is picked up by my mother’s soothing, slow voice.

"yes honey?"

"Niall saw my wrist" i say with a shaky breath.
“Sweetie, calm down, it’s okay, I understand.”
“i can’t, my head hurts and i’m fricking freaking out, i tried all the breathing things, what do i do, he saw my WRIST!!!!”

"Okay, i’m thinking. Okay, you are going to have to talk to him about it sooner or later right? so just walk up to him and say why you’ve been hiding it and that you’re sorry.

"no, i can’t do that, i can’t just walk up to him, you know i’m not like that!"

"okay, um just go talk to the counslour, you like her right?"

“well then, that is what she’s for right? helping student’s solve their problems?”

“then we’re set, i’ll scheduel you an appointment for her tomorrow okay?
I love you very much baby.”

" i love you too, mom. Bye"
I hang up on her and i feel a little weight lifted from my chest.

Niall’s p.o.v.

They just sit there making me more anxious evry second they have their mounths hanging open.

My Father is the first to speak,”Ni, we’ve never heard of such a thing happening. We don’t know what to do.”

"that’s a first"

He looks down at Mother’s eyes, “yes, yes it is a first.-“
My Mother cuts him off, “you know what? Let’s scheduel you an appointment with that counslour, because im speachless. And i feel terrible for not knowing what to do”

Maybe that lady will help.

We all nod.
*the next day*

Niall’s p.o.v.

I exit my car with Hazel(1), she ussually walks me to my locker, but instead i have to go to the counslour, comfusing her.
“where you goin babe?” For the fist time,i cringe at her calling me that.
That scares me.

"i uh have to go to the counslour, okay?"

She hesitates,”kay?, see you later!”

I wave and as soon as i reach for the door handle, it opens to Hazel(2), we bump, then she runs off after we both mumble “sorry” as my eyes are drawn to very inticing hazel ones-i guess that’s how she got her name-wow am i slow!

I walk in with my head low, to the readheaded lady sitting behind a desk.
“You must be Niall! Hey, come right in!”

She waves me over and i smile walking over to the chair infront of her desk.

"so, what can i help you with?"

"um, i had a question wbout soulmates."

"okay, shoot"

Since everyone knows eveyone’s match, i really can’t hide the Hazel-Hazel problem, because they’re the only Hazels in the school.
I’m also the only Niall here.

"You know my ‘Soulmate’, Hazel Martin?"
“yes, i know her”

"well yesterday, i bumped into the other hazel and saw that my name was on her wrist too."

She nods.
“um why aren’t you freaked out about this, i told my parents and their eyes almost popped out of their heads.”

" well let me just say that, Hazel just came in here and we talked about this problem"


Hazel’s p.o.v.

oh crap, Niall’s going in there to talk about me and his “soulmate”
I’ve got to say, i’m kind of happy about this, because he doesn’t deserve to be fooled into thinking he’s in love.
I know i’m in love with him, but i wish i wasn’t; They seem, or seemed perfect together.

I bet now that he’s figured out that only one of us is his real Soulmate, he’s acting weird to her.

three days later**

Hazel’s p.o.v.

Today is a normal day. I just have to wait for Niall to figure out that the other Hazel is faking it.

I feel so bad for her, she’s actually in love with him. A very rare thing to happen when the person is not your soulmate.

I walk to my locker and grab my science binder.
I close my locker door and turn around and jump.
I find gorgous blue eyes staring at me literally millimeters away from my eyes.

Soft, warm, smooth lips crash onto mine and a hand finds the small of my back, another on the back of my neck. i close my eyes.

I’m pulled into a warm body as the lips continue to move me through time and space. I’m lifted up five inches against the cold lockers.

The hand on my neck moves down to meet the one on my back and the forearms tighten and squish me even farther into the warm chest.

I’ve never been kissed and this is rocking my world.

i realize that i’m not kissing back and that i’m running out of air.

I move my arms around the persons back and move my lips with the others.

This kiss is so full of passion i feel my knees almost buckle beneath me.

this feels like paradise, and i never want it to end.

My forehead is pushed against another and the lips are retracted from mine, leaving me panting.

I hear a chuckle and open my eyes to see Niall.
I blush as i realize what actually just happened.
There are about fifty people swarmed in a semi circle all facing us.

all of the mouths are open and eyes wide staring at us like we’re aliens.

My mouth drops as i look at Niall, he graps my hand and drags me out of the halls into an emty closet.
Niall’s p.o.v.
(1 day before the kiss)
I walk up to Hazel(1) and drag her by her hand to the girls bathroom.
“Niall, what are you doing?!”
“i’m trying something”

I put her wrist under water and scrub it.
A nutreul color drips into the sink and the letter “N” turns into a “P”.

I gasp and drop her wrist into the sink and look at her eyes.

"I-I-i can ex- explai-"
I cut her off, “how could you do this to me?!”
She reaches for my arm and i jerk away.
“i-i love you, and i want to be with you, Niall! Thats why.”

"I love you" she chants and slowly walks toward me.
I can’t process it, how- why would she lie like that?!

If i’d never seen the other Hazel’s wrist Hazel M. would have toatlly ruined this guy whoes name stars with a p’s life and Hazel’s.

"no!, I don’t ever want to see you again. Just leave me alone and find another ride home, goodbye."

She starts to sobb and i walk out of the building and towards my car.

I walk down to the basment and sit on the matress where i come when i have problems i need to solve.
I fall asleep thinking of Hazel (2).

I see her walk up to her locker pulling something from it.
I jogg over to her just as she turns around and push her against her locker lifting her up to my height and kiss the hell out of her.

She doesn’t kiss back but i don’t care.
I need to kiss her, i need to feel her against me.
She’s so small, i just want to hug her, so i do. I sqeuse her into me.
She finally moves her soft, tiny lips with mine.
I feel a huge sense of releif as she realaxes agInst me when her arms wrap round my back.

I pull back, resisting the urge to kiss her again and again and again.

i don’t care that there are people behind me watching us.

I drop Hazel and lead her into a classroom with a big smile.

I draw her mouth to mine and kiss her again and again, extatic that i found my real Soulmate.